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“In 2006, together with my students and friends, we started our new band HAYA.HAYA music is boundless, which is rooted in rich and profound music heritage of Mongolia, and mixed with initiative music elements. In another word, we have refreshed our hundreds-years-old rhythm,to fill it with vibrant heartbeats. Morin khuur, tanboer, khoomei, shaaman drum, and all the old chantings⋯⋯theyhave been crystallized in the river of time, and now they are gems of HAYA. We have all possibilities, and we are after the honest voice from our hearts.  That’s HAYA’s music——the music for the world . ” 
2009, the first HAYA album “WOLF TOTEM” won the Best Crossover Award in the 19th Asia Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.
2010, the second HAYA album “THE SILENT SKY” won the 10th Chinese Media Music Award 2010.
The second HAYA album “THE SILENT SKY” won the Best World Music Award in the Chinese Golden Melody Awards.
2012, the 4th HAYA album “MIGRATION” won the Best Crossover Award in the 23th Asia Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan
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