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Amina Annabi

French Singer-Actress, ideal combination of North African and European music: Amina Annabi
The Tunisia-born French artist Amina Annabi was born in the ancient city of Carthage, thus was drenched in Malouf music imported from Andalusia since an early age. In 1975, she moved to France with her French mother. In the next ten years, she was involved in the leading Paris-based radio station of world music -- NOVA. Soon in 1987, Amina raised to fame by her impressive rap performance in a music contest. Her first record ‘Yalil’ (The Night) was released in 1990, by which she won the Piaf Award for the best female singer in the following year. In 1994 Amina was invited with a project called ‘Paris’ by Malcolm McLaren (the manager of Sex Pistol)which turned out to be a conceptual album, with other outstanding artists like the renowned French actress Catherine Deneuve and the legendary singer François Hardy.
Amina also is an actress. She participated in a number of well-known movies such as ‘The sheltering Sky’ directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.
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