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Toubab Krewe
The super musical hybrid from the United States: Toubab Krewe

This American instrumental band launched in 2005 calls itself ‘outsider’ (Toubab Krewe) who creatively combines West African music of Mali and American Blues. This North-Carolina-based powerhouse is composed of five young people: the guitarist Drew Heller, Justin Perkins who plays the Kora, David Pransky the bassist, Luke Quaranta the percussionist and the new drummer Vic Stafford.
The unique sound of Toubab Krewe comes from their ability to apply traditional instruments to modern compositions and performances instead of simply imitating or borrowing traditions. Even though they are deeply influenced by the guitar master Ali Farka Touré and Orchestra Baobab from Senegal, travelling to Africa had given them genuine music experiences and true inspirations. They are popular in music festivals worldwide.
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