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Grand Song of the Dong People

Code of harmony between human and nature: Grand Song of the Dong People Grand Song of the Dong People is a choir of the Dong ethnicity from Liping, Guizhou, a southwestern province of China. Wu Jinyan, lead singer of the group, has won the Silver Award and Audience's Choice Award at the 2008 CCTV Young Singers' Competition, and Golden Award at the 2011 Gala of Traditional Chinese Folk Songs. She also performed at Kokugakuin University of Japan in 2011. The Dong ethnic group sings a unique type of polyphonic cappella. Because of Dong people’s perfect harmonic sound and its ability to imitate natural sounds like cicada’s singing, their grand choral singing is described as a concord of human and nature. The lyrics of their songs are from tales of Dong's history, culture and custom. Grand Song of the Dong People was proclaimed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.
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