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Song Yuzhe and Ubul Hasan

The magical encounter of music: Song Yuzhe and Ubul Hasan
Song Yuzhe, an independent musician, used to be the leading vocal of a famous indie rock band Mutuigua (Wood pushing melon). After this group broke up in 2002, Song travelled a lot in western China in order to learn folk music; he was especially fascinated by Xinjiang and Tibetan music. In 2009, he founded a new band called Dawanggang (Big/Forget/Wood Pole), and dedicated to exploring divers music genres and working with musicians from completely different backgrounds, thus making magical integrations. Their latest album ‘Wild Tune Stray Rhythm’ was first released in 2010, and republished internationally by the German recording company JARO in 2012.
Ubul Hasan, a folklore master, is from Hetian (or Hotan) of Xinjiang Province, a place furthest from the ocean and rains everyday sands. But here, accompanied by Tanbur, Sabaj and hand drums, Ubul Hasan and his disciples confide their joy and sorrow with their songs.
Song Yuzhe and Ubul Hasan’s magical encounter happened in 2009, when Song Yuzhe was wandering in Xinjiang, and this resulted in a sound that blurs the boundary of ethnicity and region.
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