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Nadara Gypsy Band

Without context Nadara is today the best gypsy band from Transylvania. As the taraf of haidouks, the group Nadara was discovered thanks to Tony Gatlifs movie " Transylvania " (Cannes 2006) the Original soundtrack of which they realized. The director again appealed to them for the OrigInal soundtrack of his /ast movie "Liberte" ( 2010 ) where "Tocila" the leader of Nadara holds the role of lst violin. Born of the meeting of a nomadic singer of French origin "Alexandra" and a Roma violinist of Szaszcsavas " Tocila ", the group Nadara offers a unique and wonderful show of the gypsy culture of Transylvania but not only because this virtuoso musicians also revisits the Hungarian and Rumanian repertoire of this region which inspired in their time the biggest composers as Franz Liszt or Bartok Bela, latter Django Reinhardt or Stefan Grappelli.
Together musicians and dancers offer more than an entertainment but a real trance with East and West's perfumes, in the colors totally bohemians, which transports the public on the foggy and fascinating roads of the country of Dracula! On the tracks of their ancestors they cross Europe.
They have already conquered numerous places mythical as the Cannes film festival, The Opera of Lyon, Lijle 3000 Capital of the European culture, the Opera of Amsterdam, the Sziget festival, The Oriental, The Cite de la Musique of Marseijle and Brussels, Kumpania festivaJ and were the hosts of the princes and the princesses during the Big ball of the rose in Monaco together with numerous artists as the gypsy kings, the brass band ciocarlia, Ezma_Oceans couldn't stop this gypsy bomb to enchant the world for its biggest pleasure.
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