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HAYA was set up in 2006 0nd produced by Quan Sheng,one of China's leading masters of Mongolian string instrument the Morin Huur. Haya's award-winning sound is rooted in the rich and profound musical heritage of  Mongolia, and mixed with original elements from across Rock and Jazz genres. The band draw on a range of traditional instruments, namely tHe Mongolian morin khurr, the tanboer, kHoomei & sHoman drums, injecting info them a fresh new energy for internationol audiences. To date, Haya has already enjoyed great success across Asia. In 2009, the
first HAYA ajbum "WOLF TOTEM" won the Best Crossover Award in the 19th Asia Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. A year later, the second HAYA album "THE SILENT SKY" won the lOth Chinese Media Music Award 2070. "THE SILENT SKY" also went on to win the Best World Music Award in the CHinese Golden Melody Awards.
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