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Asif Ali Khan & Party

Asif Ali Khan & Party is a young band from Pakistan,taking the stage to perform as they further the legacy of Ali Khan's own music teacHer, the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. lf Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was known locally as The Emperor of Qawwali', Asif Ali Khan, who was once hailed by the maestro as one of his best students, has surely emerged as the music's reigning prince. His music
can be meditative and trance-inducing, before, at a turn, becoming thrilling and ecstatic. To Hear his voice soaring above the call-and-response choruses, thythmic hand claps, percussion and harmonium of his accompanying musicians is an inspiring experience, whether you're an adherent of the Sufi faitFi or not. Remaining faithful to the sublime traditions of the devotional Sufi music known as qawwali, AsiF is hugely popular in his homeland of Pakistan and a powerful figure on the international stage.
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