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Tiloun tiails all tHe way from St Denis on Creole's Reunion island. His songs fall under the genre of Maloya, folk music native to His homeland that is comparable to the Blues. Tiloun was initiated into music from childhood (dancing, playing drums, singing - it is in his blood!).
However, He only began to explore Maloya and its philosophy as an adult. Local riofs of 1991 triggered in him the need to express himself, and singing gave Him that voice. THrough his songs, Tiloun recounts the rich history of Reunion, an island diverse in culture. His fragile yet striking voice stays true to the unclutfered and harmonious sounds of Maloya. Since the 2011 release of his second full-length album, "Kas in poz", Tiloun has played live in numerous ,renues, and is now also gracing the stage of the World Music Festival in China.
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