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In 2012, the Shanghai World Music festival started to be held twice a year instead of once annually, in Spring and in Autumn. The festival saw performances in the Xuhui, Luwan, Changning, Pudong, Jiading, Minhang districts. 14 of the elite groups in the World Music Circuit performed, and for the first time, the festival fostered a partnership with a commercial enterprise (Shanghai Wanke Real Estate Ltd). With the theme of “Natural. Music. Home”, the festival aimed to show the blending of edifices and music, how one can complement the other.
Windbone was formed with the coming together of Swiss jazz musicians Robert Morgenthaler and Jean Jacques Sergio Pedre川-berudi.
Camino Flamenco
Camino Flamenco was founded in Shanghai, China by a group of young artists and hobbyists with deep appreciotion for Flamenco.
Rhythm of RajastHan
Rhythm of RajastHan offers characteristically lively folk music from Rajasthan, India. The band performs richly varied music and dance, representing tHe distinctive styles of the two different groups that make up Rajas…
Ziveli Orkestra
An energetic group of eight French musicians, performing with singer Suzana Djordjevic, sharethrougH tHeir music tHe inspired story of when tHey first met.
Yemen Blues
Yemen Blues is an eclectic ensemble of musicians from lsraeI, powered by lead singer Ravid Kalahani.
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