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Hanggai’s sound is based in traditional Mongolian music, a world that boasts abundant material and inspirations because of its rich cultural heritage. Selecting folk tunes that offer a unique sound or emotion, the band hanggai craft songs that retain their traditional base while offering a more modern touch. Traditional instruments like the horsehead fiddle, the mouth harp and the sanxian fit comfortably side by side with more modern instruments like guitar, bass and drums. Hanggai’s music moves from the hauntingly traditional to songs that deliver a danceable rock beat. 
In 2009, Hanggai played some of the best international festivals in the world, including Rosklide, Lowlands, Lotus World Music and Arts Festival, the Chicago World Music Festival, New York’s World Music Institute, the FMM Sines festival, etc. They toured restlessly across the America and the Europe in the span of six months. 
Perhaps one of the key performances of the year was their October Showcase performance at Womex, the world’s largest world music expo, where they wowed an audience of festival goers, many of whom are organizers of festivals in their own countries. Hanggai had truly moved beyond being a band from China to being a band from China that has become a part of the international music scene.
In each show Hanggai hopes the audience will experience though briefly what the grasslands feel like, the freedom of life on the steppe, the beauty of the four seasons on the grasslands, the experience of nomadic life, the experience of life on the horseback. As one fan put it, “when I close my eyes, I can see the grasslands.”
"Hanggai have made the leap from folk phenomenon to crossover pioneers without losing their soul. Built from -- and meant for -- Mongolia's wide open spaces, this music will make you homesick for a place you've never been." (Rhapsody)
“charming, raucous, brilliantly jubilant and a breath of fresh Mongolian grassland.” (World Music Central)
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