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Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is where the Tibetan and Qiang culture originated. Many ethnic groups have jointly created the unique culture and art of the region in the long history.
Heishui in Aba once hosted the ancient migrating and hunting tribes of Qiang. In the Tang Dynasty, Tibetans expanded to the east, and Heishui gradually became resided by Tibetans. Folk performing art in Hei shui, compared with Tibetans in Qinghai and the Tibetan Autonomous Region, more vividly illustrates the complete fusion of ancient Qiang culture and Tibetan culture. An anthropologist from the United States marveled after seeing their dance, saying that the authentic aboriginal music and dance was highly valuable even to the genetic studies of human being.
Last year the earthquake of Wenchuan drew attention from the whole world to people of Qiang, who went through heavy damage. The cultural heritage suffered great loss in the natural disaster, which makes Qiang music and dance look more precious. Aboriginal performers from the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Perfecture visiting Shanghai for this occasion, are aimed at presenting the very authentic charm of Qiang and Tibetan songs and dances, taking the audiences back to thousands of years ago.

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