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AMRTA is music for the soul, from the heart and reflective of a pure and simple tone of life.
AMRTA Ensemble was founded by eight renowned musicians who possess the talent to perform this type of music in 2008.Mr.He Xuntian,world-renowned music maestro provides art consultancy to the group led by EHESUMA, Composer and production ditrector.
EHESUMA music forms the basisi of today’s AMRTA Ensemble reflecting a spirit of independence andoriginally closes to nature. The Eight musicians forming today’s AMRTA Ensenbel include WU Qiang, conductor, professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, renowned Chinese strings fingerpickin musician; HUO Yonggagn, professor at Shanghai conservatory of Music, unique singer and renowned Chingese Bowed string musician;ZHOU Jing, talented world class Accordionist; ZHOU Qing, Female characteristic vocal, Chinese flute musician; HU Chenyun, blowpipe musician&percussion; LOU Kun, composer, special vocal and percussion; Ehesuma, talented Composer, Producer and Percussion; WANG Jie, Percussion musician and Would Travelr.
Characteristic of the”AMRTA Ensemble” is the sense of Oriental mystery denned from the singing while playing folkloristic Chinese music mixed with world’s music tones. The individual performances and interpretations are brought to us by a wide and characteristic vocals, forming a unique musical style orchesrendered ad each musician has achievved the very top in their musical specialism.

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