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Les Ballets Africains was formed in paris in 1952 by distinguished Guinean choreographer, Keita Fodeba, who enjoyed the support of numerous African heads of state. Les Ballets Africains toured the world successfully until Guinea’s independence in 1958 when they were invited to become the country’s national ensemble.Between 1958 and the present day, Les Ballet Africans has visited the four corners of the earth sometimes remaining on tour for up to two years at a stretch. On one extraordinary marathon, they appeared in 165 capital cities, presenting an astonishing 695 performances in 750 days, traveling 180,000 kilometer by plane, 33,000 by train and 21,000 by road.
Les Ballet Africans have been recognized and encouraged for their role of roving ambassadors, carrying with them on their travels the price and aspirations of their people. The company’s ultimate mission is to foster a greater understanding of Africa with a view to creating favorable conditions for a healthy and fruitful cooperation between between Africa and the rest of world.Whether in Sydney, Rio,Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow or Los Angeles, their performance has always received a tumultuous acclaim, together with an open invitation return.
Today,With the continued encouragement and support of Dr.Saidou Dioubate, the National Director of Culture in Guinea, the ensemble has completed a new production called”Memories du Manding’ scheduled to hit theaters in North America in 2007 Under the skilled guidance of Artistic Director, Hamidou Bangoura and choreographer\technical director Sekou II Conde, the 35 strong ballet present their inimitable blend of tradition dance, music and storytelling, laced with superb demonstrations of spectacle, acrobatic, comedy and drama.
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