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Sa Ding Ding

Sa Ding Ding is a Chinese folk finger and songwriter. She is of mixed Han and Mongolian ancestry, and sings in languages including Mandarin ,Sanskrit Tibetan , as well an imaginary self created language to evoke the emotions in her songs. She also plays traditional instruments such as the guzheng and matouqin(house-head fiddle).
Born in Inner Mongolia, Sa Ding Ding was influenced by the music of the ethnic minorities while living with her grandmother in Inner Mongolia until the age of 6. She also became interested in Buddhism and taught herself Tibetan and Sanskrit. Later on, she moved to Beijing to study philosophy and music at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.
In mid-2007, she released Alive, now available physically and as a download in many countries. In 2008 she won the BBC Radio 3 World Music Award for the Asia-Pacific region, as well as releasing a two track single called Qin Shang.
Ding Ding composed a song with Eric Monquet of Deep Forest called Won’t Be Long to raise funds for disaster relief after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The song was made available on Mouquet’s Deep-Projects website. Mouquet and Ding Ding have collaborated on a forthcoming album Deep China.
The special significance of Sa Ding Ding is her fusion style. Her music puts together elements from various ethnic backgrounds from Western China, but achieves her signature expression. Her murmuring voice as a new-born baby brings back memories of the mother’s bosom. This combined with electronic music arrangement and imaginative choreography, brings the view of the opening day of the whole world.

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