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Brazil is a melting pot in tis most authentic meaning. Immigrants from Africa, Europe and Asia,together with aboriginal American, mix together evenly in great balance, very different from other migrant countries where different ethnic groups live on their own.
Batucada is a substyle of samba an refers to an Ffrican influenced Brazilian percussive style, usually performed by an ensemble. It is considered by some to be the epitome of  he percussive ensemble. Batucada is characterized by its repetitive style and fast pace. Acclaimed American singer Payl Simon created “The Rhythm of All Saints” in spired by Batucada.Batucada performance doesn’t need high skills or disciplined training. The art is spread among the Brazilian communities quickly, even untrained people can quickly get involved in the performance, making it a public music experience instead of just a passionate music style. It easily joins up people of different ethnic group, social status or sex.
Brazilian diva singer Babel Gilberto had a song named Batucada, which vividly described the charm of the music. The lyric says “Batucada is free....the rhythm makes me dance.Tonight I’ll sing and dance, wild and free.Light a candle for the goddoss of the ocean.

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