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Daniel Casares is an extremely talented young flamenco guitarist born in Estepona, Málaga, in 1980. He discovered at an early age that he had a natural talent for playing the guitar, and his passion was fuelled by the music that he listened to at home as a child. It was from the soul of this music that Daniel started his journey through the mysterious and passionate world of flamenco. He spent his youth learning and understanding the rudiments of the flamenco guitar, listening to the masters like Ramón Montoya and Niño Ricardo, but his influences are not solely flamenco artistes. He studied under several guitar teachers in Estepona and Málaga and gave his first live performance at the age of ten. His career started to take shape when he participated in the project A la Guitarra de Estepona, a recording on which he appeared with a collection of artistes native to his birthplace.
Six years later, at a mere nineteen years of age, he produced his first solo CD, Duende Flamenco, and from this point on Daniel Casares began to forge a career as a guitar maestro.

He has had great success, winning trophies including the Nacional del Primer Concurso de Guitarra in Jaén, the 37th Festival del Cante de las Miñas de la Union in Murcia, and the Thomson Music Best Artiste of the Year Award in 2000.
His second CD, La Madrugá, was released in 2001, and his third, Corazón de tu Alma, led to a world tour in 2004, which took him to the USA where he performed at the Thalia Spanish Theatre in New York. After his performances in the Big Apple, an honour he received from the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York.
With his recent fourth CD, Caballero, and a ten-year contract with music giants Universal; Daniel Casares is about to embark on another tour to promote his new offering. Caballero is a mixture of tradition and modernism; styles as diverse as the Malagueña show the more orthodox flamenco compared to the crystal freshness of the rumba and guajira, which are full of Latin flavor.
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