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Long Xian'e and Miao
Long Xian E, was born in Xiangxi Fenghuang Miao Autonomous County. Several years ago, she was discovered by a famous composer Tan Dun and was invited to sing Miao “Feige” or “Flying Song” in Tan Dun’s great composition The Map. She then enrolled into the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. From then on, she gradually found her way onto the world stage, with performances at home and abroad. Nowadays, she, although young, has become a well-acclaimed Miao singer.

As a Miao (Hmong) female singer, Long Xian’e’s music has three features: 1. In order to retain original authenticity of Miao vocal music, she made efforts to sing in Xiangxi dialect;
2. To make the music more appealing, she has made bold innovations to the music, yet she has also balanced the innovation with much thought being paid to the preservation of elements of music that makes it authentically Miao. 3. Her sonorous and birdlike voice, natural and forthright countenance during her performances has drew forth much applause from the audience.
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