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吉普赛音乐的化身—Parno Graszt (白马乐队)/ 匈牙利
Parno Graszt 是一支源于匈牙利的热情的吉普赛乐队,也是欧洲最著名、最权威的吉普赛乐队之一,该团成立于1987年,由十个成员组成。Parno Graszt在吉普赛语中意即“白马”,所以我们也可称其为“白马乐队”。他们的音乐充满了热情、纯洁与自由,多种元素混合在一起,具有极强的感染力,带领着每个观众一起唱跳,走向欢乐的乐园。他们被欧洲多个国家频繁邀请演出,受到许多人的喜爱。2002年他们出版了自己的首张专辑《打击钢琴》一经出版即荣获欧洲世界音乐排行榜第七。在陆续发行几张唱片之后,他们又几度被评选为年度最好的艺术家团体之一。匈牙利电视台和英国BBC更是于2004年为parno graszt录制专题音乐纪录片。

Parno Graszt is a Gypsy music ensemble from Paszab, Hungary founded in 1987. "Parno Grast" means "white horse" in the Romany language, with "graszt" using the Hungarian orthography 'sz' for 's'. In the Roma culture white is symbol of purity and horse is a symbol of freedom. Their debut album Hit the piano reached Number 7 on the World Music Chart Europe in October 2002. Hungarian Television and the BBC produced in 2004 a music documentary about Parno Graszt. After their second album, Járom az utam (2004), Parno Graszt was voted in the top 10 for "best artist of year", 2005, by the Swiss music magazine Vibrations.

“They do not use sources of Gipsy music - they are the source itself.”
Simon Broughton, Songlines, UK
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